Albert Pai

Why do we fight?

You guys always get mad over everything, but today was just horrible. You guys just got mad over a misunderstanding. My Saint Report for church was about St. Luke, the writer of the Acts of the Apostles, and he learned to forgive. God spoke to me on the bed when Mom started to lose faith in us. He said, "Being angry about something is something everyone can do. Forgiving about it is something that only special people can do." Getting mad over money says two things; Money is actually the center of evil, and us AS A FAMILY, should learn how to forgive each other for what we have done wrong.

Alma, money isn't everything. I know I can be that kid that says "CAN I HAVE $25 FOR GAMES", but in reality, I just saw some dude on YouTube with a cool game that I want. Just ignore whatever I say, simple as that. Drop the debt thing. I've already gotten the hang of giving back money to you when you get me something. Making your brother broke just so that you can earn some extra bucks isn't right. I KNOW THAT I SAID TO HOLD MY MONEY FOR THE TIME BEING. I am truly sorry. I thought you said you would give me a $50 budget from my $100, and I got confused over that. Forget about it, because Mom getting mad is not gonna cause a nuclear explosion. (maybe)

Mom, I know you've worked hard all your life for this family. Alma and I have been very irritable lately, and it's been hurting you all this time, but I just want you to know, Mom, that it's going to be okay. We're just growing up as teenagers, and we will continue to grow up until we have matured all the way. Alma is almost done with being a teen, and I've just started becoming a teen. Don't take me starting to be a teen bad, though. As you can see, I'm learning more than enough to where I can understand your situation. Alma's been through all this stress, and you going all over her about it is not going to handle it better. But when she says she needs to be alone, you go about saying "Fine, do it all yourself, I'm done." Mom, I know that isn't you because I've seen the real you. You are kind, sweet, and overall a great mom, but stress and anger is shrouding your way to knowing it. Accept our apology from me AND Alma, because even though she doesn't know what she's done, I know she is sorry, too. We're sorry, mom. We love you, and don't forget that in the long run.

Dad's been doing fine these past months.