Much Ado About Nothing

By: Joshua Gillis

Benedick (Played by Jim Carrey)

In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Benadick is a handsome bachelor who covers up his desire for love with humorous jabs to the person he secretly longs for. Mr. Carrey is playing the role of Benadick because not only does he bring a smile to the viewers faces with his witty and comical insults, he is also sensitive enough to be capable of love.

Claudio (Played by Karl Malden)

One of Much Ado About Nothing's main characters included Claudio, a melodramatic, love-crazed romantic who just wants to get married. I have seen Karl Malden's work in "Streetcar Named Desire" and observed him in a romantic situation where he looses the girl. His acting talents he displayed when playing the part of a hart broken dreamer fits the bill. He was also picked for the part because just like Claudio, he appears to be a big teddy bear but he bottles up his emotions until they explode.

Don Pedro (Played by Morgan Freeman)

Don Pedro, the prince of Argon, appears to be put on a pedestal by all of the characters in the play because of his nobility and power. When Claudio asked him for a favor there is hardly hesitation before accepting Claudio request. I have watched Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty and I think that the nobility and humbleness he shows while playing God, proves that his skills are coped to play the part of Don Pedro.


Percy Sledge one of the greatest singers of his time, wrote a beautiful song entitled When A Man Loves A Women. This song is about all of the things a man will do for a women when he loves one. Many of the characters in Shakespeare's play "Much Ado About Nothing" do some ridiculous things because they are in love, therefore this song captures the theme of never giving up on who you love perfectly. Sledge sings "when a man loves a women he can't keep his mind on nothing else" just like Claudio's Life revolved around Hero from the second they met, and how even though she "cheated " and "died" he was head over heals for her. This situation between Hero and Claudio also supports the theme of never giving up because for most people, when there loved one dies that would be a good time to give up but Claudio didn't move on and Hero came back to him. Sledge also sings "When a man loves a women... he'd give up all his comfort" just like Benedick and Beatrice (the so called bachelors) did when they were forced to admit their love for each other at the wedding when they were informed that there love was built on a lie. Also, even though Hero's plan to get Beatrice to fall for Benedick was not yet executed and she treated Benedick like dirt, when a man loves a women you never give.