Apollo Landing Fact or Fiction

Andrew Waterfield

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The Landing

All of America, and the world, will remember July 16, 1969 as the date that the successful moon landing exaptation took off. Then four days later man took it's first steps on the Lunar surface. Yet some people say that it was all a Hollywood hoax. Are they telling the truth?


Do I believe that man stepped foot on a fake movie set? No, heck no. As you'll see in the video, the pictures from the moon landing were 100% taken on the moon. Even if they weren't, if you look at some of the pictures they show things that would need an expert Photoshoppers' hand. They didn't have photoshop back then, so I know that the pics are from the moon. The only way those pics could've been taken are from either a human or a robot, and knowing were robot tech was at the time. Humans are the only logical option.


Many of the theorists the claim the landing was faked hail from places like the Soviet Union. They make these claims because they are jealous. They can't accept the fact that good old Uncle Sam beat'em once again. I mean, yeah they beat us in putting a dog in space, but which is better? Putting a dog in orbit or putting a man on the moon?

How was it covered?

The moon landing was covered, and accepted, in different ways depending on where you are. In the us, nothing but patriotism and cheers. In enemy countries though, America's triumph was meet with bitter feelings. To this day Russia still thinks that we have yet to land on the moon, and that's why we haven't gone back. Though most Americans agree with me that we planted our feet on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969.

Other Threoies

The flag can't wave in space.

Lack of an impact crater.

Many light sources.

Van Allen Radiation Belt.

Unexplained object.

Slow-mo walking.

Lack of Stars.

The "C" rock.

The Layered Crosshairs.

The Duplicated Backdrop.

All of these theories can be found at http://listverse.com/2012/12/28/10-reasons-the-moon-landings-could-be-a-hoax/

Apollo moon landing fact or fiction