Physical Activity Poster

by Austin Breunig



- Improves cardiovascular ability.

- Helps to strengthen knees and joints.

- Can help you strengthen your muscles.

- Helps you to control your weight.


- Running can decrease stress, by helping you concentrate on other things and by releasing endorphins.

- Your memory can get better.

- Can help motivate you to do even more than just run.

- Running can help you have better self confidence.


- You can run with other people.

- Creates a new conversation topic.

- You can meet new people while out for a run.

- When you're more self confident then you may feel more comfortable talking to others about running.


- Running increases blood flow to the brain which helps the brain to function better.

- Motivation helps people to want to learn, and helps them want to do work.

- Running helps to clear your mind allowing to learn more information faster.

- Running can help increase positivity for other activities including activities revolved around learning more.