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"Creativity takes courage." -Henri Matisse

Creativity sometimes gets messy...

Art is once a week for 1 full hour. Each grade level will get the opportunity to experience many different kinds of media (what is used to make art, like watercolors)! We do tend to get a little messy in the art room, so not so nice clothes are suggested. I do have paint shirts available, but accidents do happen.

TAB: Teaching to Artistic Behavior

All grade levels' art will look a little different this year. We are embracing the idea of full choice in creativity and using the TAB teaching method. Students will develop, plan, and produce an original idea for an art piece. Students will have choice in the medium they want to use to make this idea come to life. 2nd - 5th grade will be full choice, where as Kindergarten and 1st grade will be modified choice. Modified choice means there will be opportunities to choose the direction or medium of their art, but with more direction from the teacher.

A key element in the choice-based art room is the availability of many centers or “studios”. The studios are small learning areas where students go to create. Materials and instructions are carefully arranged so that students have access to an extremely wide variety of media. Some studios include: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Fiber Arts, Weaving, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Kids’ art is great art! Parents will notice that the artwork their children will bring home might look different than in previous years. You will no longer see hallways filled with slight variations of the same project. Since choice-based art education puts the student in charge of choosing media and subject matter, there will be an extremely wide variety of projects coming out of the same classroom. It is important to note that children’s inspiration should come from their personal experiences and perspectives of the world around them. To most children the process of creating something is in itself the work of art. A child’s world is quite different from our own... their art should truly be different as well. We are building creativity! Students get to dive into their own passions, interests, and ideas and help them grow.

What does TAB mean to me?

"What does Teaching for Artistic Behavior mean to me? It means giving every child the opportunity to succeed, to develop the skills to express their own ideas with art materials that fascinate them, to feel proud that they could make all the important decisions regarding their work, and to have a voice. TAB means having artist-to-artist talks with students, protecting their rights to self-expression, and highlighting their strengths-especially to those who may not believe in the child. TAB means having the courage to speak up for children and being humble enough to admit when you have made a mistake. TAB is hard work - the hardest but most satisfying work possible in education. TAB means being intentional and clear about making every single decision for your students with children's autonomy at the forefront. This is what TAB means to me. What does TAB mean to you?"

From Diane Jaquith

Here is What is Happening in the Choice Art Room!

2nd - 5th Grade

This week in art, we are opening up our last studio, Printmaking. Printmaking is the art of making multiples or copies. Students are participating in an optional challenge where they experience a new printmaking technique each time they attend art. After 4 challenges, students will get to do a fun printmaking technique involving shaving cream or water droplets.

Here is a link to explain more about TAB:

Great article about Choice Based Art or (TAB: Teaching to Artistic Behavior)!

About Me!

My name is Lauren Allen. I have been a part of the Warrior Ridge family for 5 years. I am from Wentzville, Missouri. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Maryville University. I received my Masters Degree in Teaching from Lindenwood University. I have a daughter, Amelia and a son, William and a fish named Mavis!

My goals for this school year are to encourage your child to think independently/creatively, experiment, make mistakes yet try again, and do something they have never done before! Art truly is in every essence of our lives and it is my duty to open your child’s eye to its possibilities.

FREE and/or LOCAL Art Experiences

Here are some fun (and mostly free) websites about art happening in our community:
Laumeier Sculpture Park
St. Louis Art Museum
Missouri Botanical Gardens
St. Louis City Museum
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