WSWHE SLS Housekeeping

Odds and ends and things you may have missed

Here's a recap of some of the resources, news, and other things going on...

1. New ebooks in Rosen interactive collection

2. Sora Sweet Reads (live 5/5!) and SYNC audiobooks

3. Other new simultaneous access Sora collections

4. Training for database ordering via "The Menu"

5. Diversity audit tool in Titlewave

1. New collections added to WSWHE Rosen ebook collection!

We just added some titles (SEL for elementary, Global issues for high school) to the Rosen interactive ebooks collection! I also added these to our Google Slides deck "WSWHE ebook platforms beyond Sora" if you want to share that with your teachers.

(*Note: sometimes folks state that when they click on links in the Slide deck, they only see Spotlight on NY. If that's the case, go to the lower right corner of Rosen and "log out", then log in again with WSWHE SLS credentials. Fetching links while in your school's network also seems to help. Email us if you need login information!)

2. Sora Sweet Reads go live; SYNC audiobooks for teens, too

Sora Sweet Reads (simultaneous access) is live! A Sora Sweet Reads ribbon is now live in Sora, and those titles will be available until August. If you need a doc to share options with your teachers and students, you are welcome to share this one. Questar is also creating a slide deck that I will share with you as well if you want it, and Cap Region created Smores. Great minds think alike.

In addition, Overdrive has partnered again with AudioFile to make SYNC audiobooks available freely to students, aged 13 and up who sign up, from now through the summer. More information is here. And yes...we asked about Ed Law 2d compliance. Here is their response to our query here.

3. More Sora content news...

--A new SEL Simultaneous Access collection wonderfully, mysteriously appeared this week in Sora! There are 50 titles available, ranging from Juvenile to Adult, Fiction and Nonfiction, and they are available until July 2022, and they'll have a curated ribbon. Titles include:

Benefits of Being an Octopus (audiobook) is back!

Forget Me Not

President of the Whole 5th Grade

Designing a Prosocial Classroom

SEL Every Day

--The BOCES library directors throughout NYS are purchasing an epic collection with shared simultaneous access to 475 audiobook titles and 25 read-aloud titles that will be live by the end of this school year. This incredible list includes many audiobook versions of curricular staples (from Fever 1793 to 1984) to popular trade materials (Dory Fantasmagory, Stellaluna) and is absolutely worth a look (and, of course, we'll have them curated among our "always available" materials once they're live).

4. Upcoming training for "The Menu" to purchase your databases

An email went out May 4 about training sessions coming up for the new "Menu" for district database purchases. You must register and attend a session in order to gain access to the new platform. Email J’aimé if you have any questions.

Tuesday May 11 (Session 1) 9:00 - 10:00am

Tuesday May 11 (Session 2) 12:30 - 1:30pm

Thursday May 13 (Session 3) 3:30 - 4:30pm

5. Want to do a diversity audit of your collection?

Titlewave now offers diversity analysis of a collection, in addition to its existing Titlewise analysis tools. If you are wondering about how to do a diversity analysis using Follett Titlewave, you can schedule a quick meeting with rep Bill Curran to get it turned on and walk through it. Here's a link to his appointment scheduler.