Bat Caves


The tunnel (originally a rail road tunnel) was constructed in 1913 and was abandoned in 1942. The tunnel was the first in Texas and was necessary due to the surrounding hills.

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

This spieces of bat is commonly known to carry rabies. There are also a lot of this bat in the cave. So don't touch them.

Box car hobos!

Box car hobos are homeless people who ride the railroad. Lots of them were involved in crimes. There have been several accounts of box car hobos being arrested then not wanting to leave prison because of the free food and beds prison provides. (The picture is inaccurate, not all box car hobos were cats).


1- Railroad Committee Formed (1887)

2- 17 Miles of Track Laid in a First Attempt (1889)

3- Time In Service (1913-1942)

4- Tracks Removed (1942)

5- Land Acquired by parks and Wildlife Division (1991)


It started on a chilly school day, the first bell tolled, it tolled like wolf howling at the moon. Ander, Esten, and Robert met together in the library. Esten showed Robert and Ander the geo-cache, it was mediocre at best. So the three made a new more improved geo-cache out of Ander's Iphone box that held his Magic cards. Yes, Ander was a sorcerer. Robert was a highly ranked scholar and Esten was a mysterious mage from a foreign country. After they replicated a geo-cache that suit their needs, they rode with an enigma named Mrs. Z in a chariot powered by dead dinosaurs to the land of the nocturnal animals. When the heroic trio got there, Esten knew where to hide the geo-cache so that the pursuing shinobi would not find it. It took a lot of courage, bravery, and hiking but the trio found a perfect spot so that any enemies would not see it. Mrs. Z used a device to record where the hidden area was, then they were off. The three got back to school about 1.64 hours later. They went their seperate ways after that. Ander, later conquered all musical brass instruments and nobody could stop the Axis Powers. Robert became a world renouned lawyer and psychiatrist. Esten... still does... stuff.

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