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Week of March 10-14 & 17-21

Our Week at a Glance

March 10 - 14 Spring Break

March 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day - Green Day means Jeans Day!

March 17 - 21 Kinder, 1st, & 2nd grade Progress Monitoring

March 18 Transfer Fair

March 20 mandatory STAAR training for all staff

Kristen's Quote of the Week

The amazing thing about a quote is that it can stir up an emotion, spark a thought or idea, or it can strike up a great conversation. The quotes posted here are simple reminders of staying positive on even the hardest of days.

Please be sure and add to your Grade Level newsletters

KHES Teacher of the Year - Sandy Gremmels

Weekly Math Message

Information about Casey's Kids Fun Run (see below)

Report Cards ready by end of week

Closed campus (no visitors for lunch) April 1st, 2nd, & 3rd due to STAAR Writing

McDonald's Night

Thank you to Julie, Jenna, D'Lene, April, Rich, C.J., Becky, Jody, Marsha, Chrissy & Sarah. 1,313 cookies were sold and the PTA earned $553.00!!! We appreciate you all taking the extra time to help out on such a busy week.

Math/Science Night

THANK YOU to the entire Science committee for helping organize the best Science Fair yet! Please give Brenda, Jody, Rochelle, Mistee, Tori & Kaye a big hug for all of their hard work. Having the projects in the hallway was so powerful. THANK YOU to the entire Math committee for helping organize all of our math activities. Please give Jenna, Kimberly, Rich, Robin & Jennifer a big HUG. The Sum Dog challenge was a very popular activity.

Healthy Attendance Competition graph

Toni Mucker is tracking our attendance and tardy data. She has made a bar graph chart in the front foyer. Please consider bringing your class to the front foyer to discuss the graph. Fun fact: 97% equates to having about 20 kids out. That's a whole class!

Copy Report

At the last principal's meeting, data was shared regarding the number of copies being used and the total cost to the district & campus. Our campus made 75,973 copies in the month of January. There were only three other elementary campuses that made fewer copies! Our campus was highlighted & congratulated so let's keep up the good work and continue to save even more paper.

Every network printer and copier is leased and costs our campus $782.23 a month. One way to save money is by using the copiers in either workroom. Is there a network printer that we can give back? Let me know your thoughts. Here is a list of the total copies printed for each copier -

C3 - 351

E5 - 65

F2 - 0

Computer Lab - 115

B2 - 295

Workroom - 34,267

Laminating room - 35,492

Office - 4,631

Library - 588

Secretary - 169

Math & Science Textbook Review

Congratulations to Jennifer Gottleber! Jennifer has been invited to be on the district committee for the Math & Science textbook adoption review! We will be setting up textbooks in the teacher's lounge for you all to view. Please provide your feedback on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday after Spring Break. Jennifer will share your feedback at her next meeting Wednesday after school.

Perfect Attendance this 6 weeks

Congratulations to these teachers who have had perfect attendance this 6 weeks:

D'Lene, Tracie, Amy, Rich, Marsha, Michelle, Sarah, Karen, Jairus & Kathleen

Sharing Time

Come do amazing things! Email me a picture/video and a short description of something you would like to share.

Congratulations to Sandy!

I was asked to create a video of our TOY and wanted to share with you. I found an app called Cute Cut and was able to splice together a variety of clips. Now I did find out that I have to have my phone or iPad turned a certain way so you don't have to lay on your side to watch it!
C:Users22459VideosKHES Teacher of the Year

Biography Activity from C.J.'s class

Students found a fun way to complete a report on some famous people in history. Check out the video to see what her students did.

Biographies by CJ Hood

Intradistrict Transfer Information

The application process is a paper process until further notice and parents are to submit completed applications to the students zoned home campus. If you are an out of district employee it is your responsibility to submit to your requested campus or the next grade level campus if transitioning to a new campus. Kindergarten transfer request are to be submitted to zoned home campus and parents will still participate in Kindergarten Round up process.It is the home campus's responsibility is to collect these applications now and date stamp and sign in the upper right corner of the application. There is no $75.00 fee associated with the transfer process.

I will be recieving more information about transfers at my next Principal's meeting.

Casey's Kids Fun Run

Saturday, April 26th, 7:30am

1000 Bear Creek Pkwy

Keller, TX

Casey's Kids Fun Run Facts

Many of our parents are unsure what Casey's Kids is all about. Here are some facts about the race this year.
  • This race will be a true 5K. There will be Chip Time for the more competitive runners. Runners start at 7:30 & Walkers begin at 7:50
  • There will be a "Munchkin Mile" run for our youngest up and coming runners
  • Shuttle service from Bear Creek Intermediate School
  • Funds are distributed through our campus counselors as they become aware of needs.
  • A majority of the time, the families in need do NOT ask for help. Most often, contact is initiated by one of our counselors.
  • This program doesn't just serve our economically disadvantaged families. Some of our KISD families suffer from life changing events (divorce, death of a spouse, house fire, etc.) and need a hand from time to time.
  • This program is a one-time helping hand for students in need in KISD. ALL funds brought in are kept LOCALLY and serve only our Keller ISD families!
  • Please invite our families to join on Facebook!