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A peek into our week - April 29, 2016

Language Arts

M-STEP - Wow! That took us all morning! The kids did a great job, pushing though and trying their best. We did pause and take a break part way in between. For kids who didn't finish, they were able to finish at a different time this week or will finish next week.

Two Bear Cubs - our play is going well! We have 2 casts - each student having a part. We've practiced and decided on props! Next week we will continue to practice and perform for our buddies on Thursday. I will also be taking video of each cast and will send it to you! Gotta love technology!

We've also been working on a story structure project. These will be hanging in the hallway for the learning celebration on Thursday evening.

Math and our Academic Goals

Every week I write out lesson plans for the next week. Well, plans change! We didn't get to math as much this week as I had planned. We did do some explorations and practice for the Math M-STEP that we will take on Monday. Good thing we did, there are some things we needed to draw on a grid :/

Multiplication Facts - we've worked on 0-8s. Next week we are adding square facts and 9s. The square facts they should already know! If your child has NOT mastered 3, 4, and 6s yet, they will have a practice sheet at recess to finish before they go out to play. They will also have a chance to take the 1 minute test on Wednesday as well as Friday! We need to get these mastered :)

Personal Goals

Ask your child about their "Within One Week" goal for this week. Did they meet their goal? What did they do to meet that goal? Have they thought about what the goal will be for next week, is it the same or different? These are also being kept in our Leadership Notebooks.

Economics and Cranbrook

We have been practicing vocabulary and your child brought home the words yesterday! They are to practice their words for the MATCHING TEST on Wednesday.

Cranbrook came on Thursday and boy did I learn a lot! I think the kids did too :) We played a couple money games to illustrate how trading/exchanging worked as well as owing a business and shopping with a limited amount of money!

Each shop owner needed to decide what price they would charge. They knew the wholesale price and needed to make a profit! The Sunglass Hut sold out right away! What does that teach us!

Penny Drive and Mustaches for Make A Wish

Notes came home about our last community service project for this year. We are collecting money for the Make a Wish foundation. Our school goal is to collect $800 between the penny drive and mustache sale. Our class goal is $60.

They know they are to ASK if they can bring in money to donate before bringing it in. Also, they know that any donation is greatly appreciated if it is one cent or $5.

Thank you for your help!

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Upcoming Dates

May - Penny Drive and Mustaches for Make a Wish! Information is coming home today!

May 2 - M-STEP AM

May 3 - M-STEP AM

May 4 - ACES Day / Walking Club Kickoff, credit union deposit day

May 5 - Learning Celebration 5:30-7:00

May 9-12 Vision Screenings

May 9 - NWEA Math

May 12 - PFO meeting 7pm

May 13 - TLiM Friday, Leadership day, Garden Club

May 16 - NWEA ELA

May 25 - Kensington

May 30 - Memorial Day - No School

June 1 - Field Day

June 3 - Garden Club

June 16 - Last day, 1/2 day PM schedule, assembly, TLiM Friday

June 22 - report cards mailed home