Gorilla Grants

2013 is Your Year: Learn Animal Massage with NWSAM @ BFAS!

What is a Gorilla Grant?

Gorilla Grants are special tuition awards provided to eligible students from time to time. In 2013, the Gorilla Grants program will focus on animal shelter and rescue efforts, a mission that has been a big part of NWSAM history and meant a great deal to Gorilla, our recently passed Jack Russell Terrier, who lived with two rescue dogs most of his life. The grants will be awarded to students enrolling in courses that are offered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. We will be offering all six of our certification courses at BFAS this year in April (Level 100), July (Level 200) and October (Level 300).

The Sanctuary at Best Friends Animal Society sits nestled in the spectacular red rock of Angel Canyon and is home to hundreds of dogs, cats, horses and other species. People travel from all over the world to volunteer or spend time visiting the animals here. Join us in April, July and October to complete your entire training at one of the most amazing locations under the sun.

What do You do?

To apply,

Prospective students need to fill out an application and submit a "tail" about their past involvement with rescue or shelter animals. If you have ever adopted a pet, rescued a pet, volunteered or worked at a shelter- if you have ever been involved in any way with animal rescue, then you should consider applying for a Gorilla Grant this year.

Awards are for amounts up to $500 per course and are awarded after review by NWSAM staff and/or advisory board members. Here is your chance to complete all three levels of training for horses or for dogs and cats within the same calendar year at one of most amazing locations an animal lover could imagine.

Hurry, these grants will not last long! Follow this link to the Gorilla Grant application. Best of luck and we will see you in class.


The Northwest School of Animal Massage was founded in 2001 in response to the growing demand for approved training programs in canine massage and equine massage in the State of Washington. Today, students seek out our programs from every area of the country and across the globe.

NWSAM was founded on three guiding principles:

1. To foster compassion for the animal community

2. To provide a higher standard of education for our industry

3. To nurture the continued growth of our student body