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Dr. Alexander Lupenko: An Astounding Professional Life

Dr. Alexander Lupenko was born and grew up in New York City, the same areas in which he now practices. Showcasing his devotion to his home state. Upon graduating high school, he went on to the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He graduated from this college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in 1978. From there, he took an unconventional approach to getting his degree to practice medicine. Dr. Alexander Lupenko went to Stony Brook University for his doctorate, but instead of attending school here, he completed his studies via a study abroad program at Jagiellonian University Medical College. During this program he became fluent in Polish and offers this as one of the dialects offered to be spoken at the clinics in which he works.

Though Dr. Alexander Lupenko is now considered an infectious disease doctor, at first, he trained just as any other doctor would do. He began his residency in Internal Medicine at the Catholic Medical Centers of Brooklyn and Queens. He then did an infectious disease fellowship at SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn. From here, Dr. Alexander Lupenko started to carve out his reputation as being one of the best doctors when it comes to the world of infectious diseases.

Fast forward to 2005, and Dr. Alexander Lupenko became associated with Passport Health. He is the owner and the senior medical advisor to the clinics that are ran under this name. What is special about this sort of clinic is that they are devoted to care of those who are frequent travelers and who may be coming into contact with infectious diseases that are not often seen throughout the United States. The Passport Health clinics associated with Dr. Alexander Lupenko are found throughout New York State. They are located at Holbrook, Roslyn Heights, Forest Hills, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Those who are traveling through the area, often make sure that they stop into one of these clinics. Those who have been patients of Dr. Alexander Lupenko give him high ratings when it comes to his bedside manner. Many people rave about how he takes the time to answer any and all questions, regardless of how long this is taking. Finding this type of devotion to patients is one aspect that makes many patients happy with their choice for an infectious diseases doctor. Further details check out Reviews on Alex Lupenko blog.

Along with running Passport Health, Dr. Alexander Lupenko also had a hand in developing the PASSageware program that is utilized within their company. This is a record database that allows people to have access to their digital medical records no matter where they are at. It has been one way in which medicine has grown in the past twenty years, allowing for care access no matter where a person may be located. Throughout his career, Dr. Alexander Lupenko has been recognized for his attitude towards the health world, and through utilizing whatever techniques necessary in order to ensure that patients are cared for. It is this level of care that has many praising Dr. Alexander Lupenko.