Grade 2 Newsletter

Week 9 Easter Term Friday 13th March 2015

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

A Lasallian International School


This week the children have been assessed on using geographical sources to gain relevant information. They wrote about a variety of habitats including climate details which they sourced themselves. They also communicated and recorded observations of water and land plants. Next week we are looking at sea habitats and in particular fish. We will look at characteristics fish have and what they need each feature for. We will look at adaptation too. We will also practise our science investigation skills by planning and carrying out a fair test and predicting what will happen.

Please chat to your child about what a fair test is, encouraging them to explain clearly and precisely their thoughts.


Last week's zoo trip is a highlight this year for the grade 2 children. Here are some photos from the trip.



Within the Café Reading Strategies, the children continue to hone their skills of using non-text features to help interpret the meaning of photos through captions, headings and subheadings, charts, bold words or vocabulary words, glossaries, table contents, and the index to understand what they are reading and to access the information clearly. They also used these skills to help understand the IPC Geography task of using secondary sources to obtain geographical knowledge. The children are also using these skills to research a habitat; both in school and at home.


In Writer’s Workshop, the children continue to explore Poetry and the ingredients that make a good poem. Thus far, the children looked with a poet’s eyes and heard music in their poetry. This week, they learned that another ingredient to writing poems is to have a big, strong feeling. Using our senses and choosing observations made, re-reading a poem(s) they have written, and deciding if they have used a ‘big, strong feeling’. The question posed was, “Have I found a moment, detail or object that holds strong feelings for me?”


The Spelling focus was the common prefixes of mis-, anti-, co-, and non- correctly. Next week, the focus is on more contractions. In grammar, we consolidated our understanding of the use of commas in sentences. Next week the grammar focus is the verb 'to be'.


In Maths this week we have linked our learning with "Maths Week" to learn all bout 'Data Handling'. The children have used interactive graphs to answer questions around the school. In class we have focused on picture graphs and that one symbol could stand for a number of people or things (the key). Next week we begin our unit on 'money'. Please use this opportunity to involve your child when you go to the shops and trade with cash.

HELP NEEDED If you have any 'junk mail' or catalogues such as Toys R Us or pizza places etc, could you please send them in. We need to choose items, add the total and show how much the total is with the money (fake) we have for hands on activities. Thank you.


Please take part in our Town Hall survey to help the Leadership Team better understand how future Town Hall meetings and communication can be improved. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time - responses will be anonymous and results will be shared. Regardless of whether you attended the Town Hall meetings, we value your feedback! Click here to take part -

Survey closes Friday 20 March.


Come to the Edible Gardens Farmer's Market on Thursday 19th March from 7.30am to 8.30am.
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Grade 2 Field Trip to the Aquarium

Wednesday 15th April

Grade 2 Swimming Gala

Thursday 23rd April 8am - 11am

Open ICT Lessons

AKo: Wednesday 29th April @ 10.40-11.40

MAg: Wednesday 29th April @ 2.00-3.00

CDa: Friday 8th May @ 9.20-10.20

NMa: Friday 8th May @ 10.40-11.40



Homework booklet on money to be completed.

Use this website to help you learn about money.

IPC: Don't forget your IPC homework assignment.


Please complete the spelling homework given to you by your teacher.

Spelling Activities booklet choice is on Thursday.

Handwriting: Please see your child’s Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page.

Reading: Read for 10 to 20 minutes each night.