the cost of getting paid

By: Andrew Graves

College Atheletes Should Not Get Paid.

Athletes might lose their drive

If a college athlete gets paid they might not try as hard. Because before, they were striving for greatness to make it to the pros. If they got paid in college, they might not try as hard. Therefore they could not get drafted. Some athletes might be putting 100% just to get a trophy. But some might just do it for the chance at big money.

fans for your bands

Colleges rely heavily on endorsement funds. If college athletes got paid, they would take most of that money. That could leave the college they play for in debt. Then causing them to have to get rid of the team all together. Then they would go to another team and possibly make it happen to another team. There would be a lot of people doing that too.


Most colleges student athletes get scholarships. And that is not cheap, especially depending on what college it is. The big name schools are more expensive. Such as schools like; Alabama, FSU, UK, Ohio State. Colleges save their athletes by paying for their scholarships. If college athletes got paid, how would they have money for scholarships? and isn't it like they're already getting paid from the scholarships?


Only about 7% of people play a sport for a college after high school. Only about 2% go to a D1 school. Millions of people dream to play a sport for college. College athletes have the privilege to have that great feeling of everyone looking at them when they make a great play. They should love that feeling so much, that the sport shouldn't become a job or a chore. They should just play for the love of the game.

financial stability

Only 23 of the 228 D1 schools would be able to pay their athletes. The only way they could even do that, it would have to be an open market system. The greater the player, the greater the pay. That sounds like it'd work but no. Players could start off with a low wage and get better as the year progresses and would be angry about pay. They could also pay a player a high wage and they get hurt. At that point the college would lose money and become in debit.

students aren't professionals

While students are in school, their main objective is to learn. They should not receive a salary like a professional does, because they are not professionals. As a student athlete, they're supposed to be able to graduate with an education while they're playing a sport. They have a free loan to go to school as long as they want. And if they can't make ends meet, the NCAA has a student assist fund. So they could potentially be getting paid for two different things. Why would they need paid a 3rd?

cut for your cut?

It would take millions to pay athletes. Where would that money come from? They would make cuts from other sports teams. Football and basketball are usually the 2 most popular sports at a school. If the college pays the athletes from those sports, other sports teams that aren't that good, might get cut completely. If an art class has only a few students in it, they might get rid of it just to pay the athletes. There would be a lot more people mad from that, then the student athletes getting paid.

NCAA is non-profit

The NCAA's main goal is to help the education of student athletes. Being said they are a non-profit organization; they have never wanted to pay athletes for playing. And they don not intend on changing their decision. People say that certain superstars in college should get paid. Well those player have a high chance of getting drafted to the NFL or NBA. Where they could potentially make millions of dollars. If not millions, they will make hundreds of thousand of dollars. So why pay them if they could be making way more they could ever make if colleges could pay them, when they become a pro?

money crazy

Teenagers or young adults, have a tendency to have poor money control. I know whenever i get paid i always go get a new pair of shoes or a new outfit. College students are typically thousands of dollars in debit. Even if they got paid, they most likely wouldn't pay of their debt. They would probably make it worse. Most college athletes assume they're going to make it to the professional level. If they got paid for playing as a college student, they would spend more than they have. They think they can spend more than they have now, and just pay it off when they're famous. But what happens if they don't become famous and they're so far in debit because the colleges gave them money?

bye bye college sports

If the student athletes got paid, that would ruin the college sport system. Colleges would become enterprises and the same things would happen as they do in the NBA or NFL. There would be lock outs, the same things would happen. But then what would be the difference between the two? What about the anticipation of getting drafted to a NBA or NFL team? Your dream would change. Why go to the pros when you're already making money? What would make them different from you? They had to work hard to get to the position they're at now. they got their because of their love for the game. That's why college athletes shouldn't get paid. Because they should have to work hard to get what they want. Only 7% of people get to play college sports. Shouldn't they set an example?