Sydney, Australia

By, Ethan Williams

airfare cost and schedule

I'm traveling from Denver to Los Angeles then to Sydney, Australia.The layover in Los Angeles is 1 hour. I am traveling with United Airline and boarding in first class with the cost of that is $21,441.!


I am going to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney in the Grand Premier City View Room. This hotel is rated 5 stars. I am staying 13 nights and 14 days that is from April 18 to May 1. This hotel provides many additional features like free wifi and free breakfast. This hotel brings a comfortable and happy environment to everyone who comes here.

The room also has some features of it's own. It has a 50 inch flat screen T.V with premium cable and satellite T.V. Also you can get free and pay for movies on the T.V. The room additionaly comes with a mini bar with food and drinks available in it. The room offers high speed wifi and a desk for your laptop or work. The bathroom comes with a hair dryer for all the girls in the room. In addition to the bathroom it has designer toiletries as well as a giant mirror. Also includs a separate bath and shower. The bed has a memory foam mattress and plush pillows.

This is one of the best hotels in Sydney and you will fall in love with the room. The price per night of the room is $354 on, which compared to expedia is $10 cheaper.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Traveling is fun and all but there is a high chance that you will encounter a problem on your overseas trip. One of your problems will be currency exchange in any foreign country you go to. The best place to exchange your money will be at the airport when you land in Australia at the currency exchange booths. This help change your money in to Australian coins so you can spend your money freely.

Some other problems you might encounter might be losing your things. One thing that you could lose is your passport. Most people are going to freak out but not you because you know what to do in a situation like this. You just need to go to the U.S embassy in Canberra which is an hour drive from Sydney. They will have you fill out a sheet asking you questions and then take your photo and then they will mail your new passport to your hotel. These are some of the problems they you may encounter on your trip.


Overall Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has many great activities to do. It will be a experience that you will never forget and want to do again. The people are amazing and the place is spectacular put it all together. Great accommodations to with lodging. It will be the best trip you will ever have in your life.

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