Mustang Memo


News & Notes

1. There is a tendency to show more movies this time of year. Please remember that movies should be kept to a minimum and should be directly related to the standards you are teaching.
2. Teachers - As part of your TKES formative observation, please remember to upload your most recent copy of your positive parent contact log to the TLE platform. Instructions were sent last week.
3. CAMP: Classroom teachers - Please make sure you bring and pick up your kids on time. CAMP teachers - Please dismiss your kids on time. This ensures that we maximize all of our instructional time throughout the day.
4. The Tweet of the Week below talks about coding. What is coding? Well, you'll have to take a look at the link and video. Coding is becoming more and more prevalent in school curriculum including elementary. December is #HourOfCode month. We plan to have our 3-5 kids try coding in the computer lab CAMP the week of Dec. 15.
5. Christmas performances - The PreK-1/Chorus performance for parents will be at 1:00pm on Friday, Dec. 19. W will have a performance for the students earlier in the week. We'll let you know the day and time next week.
6. Viruses, the Flu, & other bugs hit big this week. Please remind kids to wash hands and cough into their elbows.


Next Week's Schedule

We will have a teacher roundup on Monday at 7:15. Yehaw!

1. On Thursday since it is STEM night, teachers and others helping may leave at 2:45. Please return and be ready at 5:45.
2. The Tacky Sweater Staff Social will be Friday at 7pm. Ms. Aycock is hosting at her country home. I have my prize winning sweater about you?
3. Ms.Minick, Ms. Harville, & I will be tied up in teacher interviews after school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

PLC Highlights

The Greatest Team in America!

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