Ice Ball Molds

How Big Are Perfectly-Sized Ice Balls?

Most of the time, drinks taste a lot better when poured over ice. The ice keeps the drink cold and enhances its flavor.

However, ice cubes that are produced by the regular ice cube trays, which most people use to make ice, are small.

You would have to use several ice cubes in order to keep the drink cold enough for long enough. This doesn't do well for flavor though. Ice melts in any shape or form but ice cubes tend to melt rather fast. You'd have to chug down your favorite drink fast so the melting ice doesn't water it down.

The answer to this problem was to go round. The kitchenware industry started producing ice ball makers. They had equipment that could carve ice into perfectly round ice balls. These ice balls were particularly famous in the 1950s where top bars and restaurants impressed guests and patrons with stunning ice balls.

In more recent years, these ice balls have made a comeback. Plastic ice ball trays were introduced which generally make small ice balls. However these trays didn't produce perfect ice balls. They couldn't be perfectly round and most often had sharp edges from where the water leaked through the seams of the tray. The small ice balls would also melt almost as fast as regular ice cubes. Very often the plastic Ice Cube Trays would leave an unpleasant plastic after taste which silicone molds do not.

And so silicone ice ball molds came in to play. This marvelous non-toxic material could withstand extreme temperatures without losing its form or composition. As is it can be used with food and drink, Silicone has become extremely important in the food and drink industry. It became a popular choice for kitchen tools like baking trays, spatulas and yes, ice ball molds. Silicone ice ball molds make it easier and safer to create the perfect ice ball.

The best silicone ice ball molds are made with 100% food grade silicone which has been approved by the FDA and is BPA free.

These molds do not leak as the two halves snap tightly (when completely dry). Among the many benefits of using silicone ice ball molds is that they make perfectly round and large ice balls, have a fill to line indicator, flexible and are super easy to clean.

Simply place in the dishwasher or hand wash with a little soap.

They last for many years as they are extremely durable. The ice balls are 2 1/2 inches in diameter which make them slow melting. This means they can keep a drink cold for up to 10 times longer than regular ice cubes. Perfect for whiskey drinkers as the taste of the whiskey is not compromised by being watered down. Also great used in cocktails, spirits and pitchers of lemonade or iced tea.