Jackie Robinson News letter

by: Chris Walker and Nick Stanley

Baseball and Race.

Back in the early 1900's being African American was not a good thing. You would be treated badly and have less privileges than a normal white person. It was hard for Jackie Robinson. He was made fun of for his race. being African American and playing in the MLB was crazy. Jackie broke those boundaries and played baseball for the dodgers.

Who was Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was not only a very important role model in baseball, but in history too. He changed the way that people thought of blacks. He was a professional baseball player that played for the Dodgers and he showed people that he could play baseball just like a white man. He was the first African American to play in the major leagues and he was proud of it. Even though thousands of baseball fans around the country hated him, he gave it his all.
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Problems that Jackie Robinson faced

● Jackie had to face major racial inequality in baseball because people did not want blacks to have the rights to play baseball.

● Jackie had to fight through discrimination against black people when he played for the dodgers and was playing during a time period where black people were thought to be bad.

● Many people thought that black players were bad at sports and were not good at baseball.

How Jackie faced these problems.

● Jackie entered the MLB and proved that white players are not the only ones who could be able to play baseball.

● Jackie did not listen to the people that discriminated against him and the things they said to him while he stood his ground not giving up.

● Jackie helped the dodgers win a world series title and won rookie of the year which proves that he is good at baseball.

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How these problems still exist today.

● People are yelling racial things about black people and chanting racial things about blacks at an Oklahoma college.

● In the NFL the Washington Redskins mascot is sometimes offensive to native Americans by referring to them by their skin color.

● Some high school and college baseball teams have all white teams where there are over 75% native Americans at their school.

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How Can These Problems be Solved

  • There can be a law made to arrest or fine anybody that says something racial in public.
  • At sporting events you can be kicked out if you say something to a player.
  • All teams should have at least a quarter of their players be black.

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