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Dr. Bonny Gifford

The New Opportunity to Lead: A Vision for Education in Massachusetts in the next 20 years. So reads the title of a report by the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education; a report written in an effort to advocate for a transformation to our education system to ensure we are equipped to meet the needs of the 21st century. The World Economic Report entitled The Future of Jobs tells us “the Fourth Industrial Revolution is interacting with other socio-economic and demographic factors to create a perfect storm of business model change in all industries, resulting in major disruptions to labor markets. New categories of jobs will emerge, partly or wholly displacing others. The skill sets required in both old and new occupations will change in most industries and transform how and where people work.” During opening day, Dr. Bill Daggett challenged our thinking around this topic as well, reminding us how little we have changed while watching the world around us shift at exponential speeds. Finally, George Couros, author of the Innovator’s Mindset, a book read by numerous staff members this summer, prompts us to remember we are in this business to develop learners and leaders who will create a better present and future. He tells us: “When forward-thinking schools encourage today’s learners to become creators and leaders, they, in turn, will create a better world.” If we are serious about creating the kind of empowering learning opportunities that provide students with skills needed in their future, every one of us must commit to establishing and sustaining a culture of innovation.

Many of you received Dr. Daggett’s talk with great enthusiasm and have voiced an intention to look at practices differently, take risks and re-invent your classroom. By no means is this a simple mission, but it is doable. By adopting an innovator’s mindset you can develop a new way of thinking that will result in the creation of something totally new and better. As Couros states, innovation starts with us asking ourselves, what is best for each individual learner? Anytime we think differently about who we teach and how we teach, we create better learning opportunities.

William Pollard advises: “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” In the words of Daggett, future focused schools put a stake in the ground 5 years out and build back from the future not forward from the past.” To that end, can we count on every one of you to share in our quest to be a future focused district?

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Full Staff PD Day 2018

Thank you to the 198 staff members who provided feedback on our Full Staff PD Day. Survey responses revealed staff thought the day was worth their time and learned something new that they could use in their classroom.
  • "This was AWESOME!!! I only wish I could have attended more sessions. Incredibly enriching idea that I hope will continue with similar presentation offerings next year!"
  • "Great PD! There were so many sessions that I wasn't able to see and wished I had been able to attend. Repeat performance?"

Bill Daggett got rave reviews including "inspirational" and "phenomenal" for a message that was "a little jolting, amazing and necessary for all to hear."

Overwhelming feedback for improvement was the request to switch days, moving PD day to the Monday and Opening Day to the Tuesday.

  • "It was difficult not being in our buildings the day before school started, perhaps flip-flopping the days so that the PD day was first then our "meeting" day was second would be better! Otherwise, loved learning from our own staff and Bill Dagget was amazing!!"
  • "I much prefer having the PD day on Monday followed by Orientation on Tuesday, which is what we have done in the past. It is a much smoother transition into the school year and allows us to be in our building/classroom the day before students arrive. Thanks for your consideration!"
  • Please switch the days! This would have been even better day one, with day two bringing it back to your own school in teams.

This is a change that can be made. Next year will have our Full Staff Professional Development Day first and Opening Day second.

Dartmouth Education Foundation (DEF) Grant Winners

Dartmouth Education Foundation awarded 18 grants to teachers this week in the newly redesigned Library Media Center at DHS. Roughly 15,000 dollars in grant money was awarded. Grants ranged from 150.00 to 3700.00 and projects included books, document cameras, escape room activities, Osmo Kits, stem materials, and cameras to produce live video feeds.
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Feedback for DESE Redesigned School and District Report Cards

The Department is redesigning school and district report cards for 2018 and has launched a survey to collect feedback on a draft version of the new report card. The survey includes closed-ended questions about specific sections of the report as well as the opportunity to provide open-ended feedback. Please distribute the link widely so that as many community members as possible can participate before it closes on Sept. 21: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4514059/Massachusetts-School-Report-Card-Prototype-Survey.

Office of Educator Licensure

Check out DESE's series of informational videos designed to help educators navigate the licensure process. The series currently consists of seven videos that provide an overview of teacher licensure in the Commonwealth.

New Food Service

Great changes happening at Dartmouth School Nutrition-

  • Unlimited fruits & veggies with all meals
  • In addition to all new menus, nutrition info for all items served available on web site or by app- You can even ask Alexa what's for your student's lunch
  • New Signage in place at all schools
  • Check out the new website

Class of 2020 5K

This year's Go Big Green 5K is on Sunday October 7th at 10:00. Register online or send in this paper registration to Maria Kelly or Lili Chamberlian at DHS. Get your family & friends to join you. The race is $20 for students & $25 for adults. All the profits go to the Class of 2020. Get healthy while supporting the class of 2020!

Opportunity to Serve on MCAS Committees

DESE is looking for public school educators to serve as members of the MCAS Assessment Development Committees in English language arts, math, and science, and on the MCAS Bias and Sensitivity Committees. Committee members are directly involved in helping DESE develop MCAS test items. We strongly encourage educators of diverse backgrounds and who teach diverse students to apply.

More information and the application are available online. The deadline to complete the online application and submit all materials is Friday, October 5, 2018. Please share this opportunity with colleagues who may be interested.


Meet our new Instructional Staff, the members of Project TIME

Early Release Day - Professional Development

Wednesday, Sep. 12th, 11:45pm

individual schools

School Committee Meeting

Monday, Sep. 17th, 6pm

555 Bakerville Road

Dartmouth, MA

Reception for Project TIME members and maintenance and custodial staff at 6:00. Join us in welcoming our new instructional staff and thanking our maintenance and custodial staff for cleaning and repairing our schools to a perfect condition for opening day.

DEF Spelling Bee

Thursday, Nov. 8th, 6pm

555 Bakerville Road

Dartmouth, MA

Get your team ready!

New this year, register early - get early flight!