My Poems

bio poem, 5W poem, I am poem, free verse, acrostic, limerick

Special Person


Amazing, awesome, apple eater, amateur

Friend of Glenn, Grayson, and Gabe

Who likes mac 'n' cheese, bacon, and apples

Who feels friendly, good, and delicious foods

Who needs water, air, and food

Who gives love, hugs, and high fives

Who fears bad people, terrorists, and the wrath of his parents

Resident of Fort Worth, Texas


Bio poem- alliteration, line 2



road his skateboard, like a speed demon

on his gray street,

in the cloudy day time sky,

he loves skateboarding.

5W poem- simile, line 2

Paper and Leather

I am a book

I see my library shelf

I hear laughter

I love the sight of children that are book worms

I fear being shredded

I know I will be read to the ends of the earth

I HATE video gamers not opening me one bit

I remember being a tree 20 years ago

I believe a nice little girl will hug and kiss me

I am a book.

I am poem- metaphor, line 4


Decks of cards for presents

Envelopes from family

Cans of eggnog

Entertainment for days

Mom's fresh, roasted chicken breast

Bounce! Boing! goes the new slinky

Enjoying family visits

Rocks and coal for bad children

Acrostic- onomatopoeia, line 6


One November morning

I went outside and saw something.

Can you guess what that was?

I saw the beautiful white grass.

At first I thought it snowed,

but I was so wrong.

The grass had frosted white!

The grass was so white

it looked like it was a daisy.

Free verse- hyperbole, line 8 and 9


Zombies go here and there.

Zombies go everywhere.

Zombies sometimes smile at me,

while they eat brains , I let them be!

Zombies mostly stay at the state fair!

Limerick- personification, line 3