English IV

British Literature

October 15, 2014

Learning Objective

I will select a tale, read and create a retelling of the tale for presentation. This will include deciphering language of the tale to enhance meaning, and finding key phrases that add imagery to the tale. I will then incorporate these words and phrases into a word cloud.

Language Objective

I will read my chosen tale with my team and retell it, create a presentation. I will look up words that I do not know and find awesome lines from the story. And create a visual for these words.

What is a WORD CLOUD?


1. Journal

2. Notes

3. Flashcards

4. Read Prologue

5. Discuss project.

Warm Up

Write about a long trip you once took.....or one you want to take.

Start with.....

"It was (is) a long, long trip..."