4-h club history

what started it all


4-h club has been around for years. Some clubs have made a HUGE impact within their city. Some are just plain fun! Whatever kind of club, there must have been a start to all of it most people don't know and don't care. But if you do you should read further.

4-h website

If there is something that I missed (and I probably did!) you will probably find it here. If I didn't miss anything this is still a cool 4-h website to look at!

who started it

the first 4-h club was started by A.B. graham. it was called ''the tomato club''. there were 32 kids in it.

4-h today

Today there are 4-h clubs all over the world! They have a wide variety of S.T.E.M activities. 4-h clubs all over the world are also tackling issues such as climate change, childhood obesity and food safety. As a former member of 4-h myself I know how good it feels to be a member!