December Days!

5 more days! (but who's counting...) Make sure to stay strong these last few days and give it your all!

Report Cards

Hard and soft copies need to be turned in to me by Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 5pm. I will know I have your hard and soft copies by the sign off sheet in my office. (email me soft copies before bringing me hard copies, if you plan to sign at that time)

Holiday Dinner

Holiday dinner begins at 4 on Wednesday, Dec. 16, if you RSVPed saying you were coming. We will begin with exchanging Secret Santa gifts, for those of you that participated then start eating!


Please fill out the 2nd quarter awards ceremony spreadsheet on the Google drive by FRIDAY, Dec. 18. Check your spam for the email if you did not get it last Friday!

Cleaning up the walls

We have had so many awesome decorations, pictures, posters, and signs on the wall this semester! But it is time to take them down and start fresh for next semester. Please take any posters, signs, projects, etc. off the walls if they belong to your students (this does not include bulletin boards) and let them take them home. This needs to be done before you leave Friday or they will be thrown away (I really don't want to do that)


K-1 @10

2-3 @1:30

Holiday parties can start at 2:30!!

Animated Alphabet

Some of you STILL have not picked up your Animated Alphabet items. PLEASE DO THAT ASAP!!! (we are going on 3 weeks of asking you to pick them up...YIKES!)

Kindest Kansas Citian Contest

Essay due to me by Wednesday, Feb. 3!!!



1. Warning

2. Move clip (or whichever visual you chose to use)

3. Safe seat

4. Buddy room (make sure buddy room has think sheets and are being used)

5. Back to classroom safe seat

6. Discuss situation with student

7. Back to student's desk

Don't forget to try some B.I.S.T. language that I shared with everyone last week. (if you need another copy, let me know)

Upcoming Events

12/15- Report Cards Due

12/16- Holiday Dinner

12/18- 2nd Qtr. Ends

12/21-1/3- Winter Break


Bathroom Breaks

That's all they are. Have a student bring a book, flashcards, etc. while they are waiting. These should not take longer than 10 minutes (at most). Stand there and remind students: 1. use the bathroom, 2. wash your hands, 3. get out.

Computer Lab

It is your responsibility to make sure the lab is back in order before leaving the room. Do not remove any headphones or mice.

November Teacher of the Month

I am pleased to announce our November Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Lizette Gilmore! Peers nominated Mrs. Gilmore for her great leadership skills and her positive attitude towards her students and colleagues. Congratulations Mrs. Gilmore!! Enjoy your parking spot, starting tomorrow!

December Character Trait

This month our school character trait is Responsibility. "I am responsible for my own actions." (check out the links below)

If you see a student taking responsibility over their own actions, please be sure to give that student a character card.

Happy birthday Ms. Dredge, Mrs. Ropchock, Mrs. Marriott, and Ms. Smith!!!!