Mocking Jay by Suzzanne Collins

Nolan Garcia- Block 3


The protagonist is Katniss because she is the main character. Katniss has a bow and arrow and is the Mocking Jay. The antagonist is President Snow or the Peackeepers because they believe in evil. They cause evil and fighting. The supporting character is Peta because he supports Katniss and prevents evil.


The theme of this story is sacrifice. All Districts had to sacrifice 2 tributes to a fight to the death. Everybody in the series had to make a sacrifice of their homes to escape the bombing.


The setting of Mocking Jay is Panem, a futuristic country located in the center of the United States. Panem is comprised of 12 districts and a capitol. It is also where the Hunger Games took place.


I think a sign of symbolism in this story is the mocking jay because it showed freedom and leadership for Katniss. The mocking jay is the most important symbol in the book, Mocking Jay.

Book Recommendation

I think everyone should read this book because it has a bunch of action and fighting. It also has love of friends and families. Mocking Jay is an amazing book and I recommend you should read it. Katniss is the leader and has a bow that she shoots. One thing I didn't like about this book is that it is really long and hard to understand at first. It is a higher level book.