The Persian Gulf

By: Johnny Sentmanat & Emily Pustelnyk


The Persian Gulf is one of the most crucial bodies of water in the world. It is home to the largest oil deposit and is vital source of water in the Middle East. Through out the ages, controversies over control have plagued that region. Every bordering country wants the oil found in these deposits under the sea. Nevertheless, this body of water has made the surrounding countries richer and more powerful.

Effects of the Persian Gulf on Surrounding Countries


The Gulf has both negative and positive effects on the bordering countries. When the Americans found oil deposits under this body of water, these countries instantly went from dirt poor to rich. They have endless amounts of money and control parts of the world's economy. The negative effects, however, have a huge enviromental impact. Oil spills destory the underwater life and wash up on the shores of the bordering countries. The refineries on land put chemicals in the air which causes air pollution. Oil has caused this region to be devastated with spills and pollution.