For a Safe and Healthy Baby

Are you waiting for another member of your family? Or know someone who is expecting an adorable little angel soon?

Together let's make sure that the little one is safe and healthy.
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All you need is to learn more about teratogens.

What are teratogens?

Teratogens are everything that can interrupt the growth of prenatal during pregnancy which affects the various domain of development of a child while growing up (Levine, L., & Munsch, J. (2014).


  • Malformation of different parts of the body
  • Cognitive, Physical, and Socio-emotional deficits
  • Lack control of behaviors and emotions
  • Transmit the disease of the mother

Aside from avoiding and being mindful of the effects of teratogen...

To have a healthy baby after pregnancy mothers should:

  • Have a nutritious diet
  • Getting enough exercise
  • Getting enough sleep


Once the fetus has been damage, it will never go back to its original form,

and everything will never be the same

(Levine, L., & Munsch, J. (2014).