Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)

By Michelle L

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Tchaikovsky's Early Life

Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840 in Votkinsk , Russia. Tchaikovsky was a sensitive boy, one day he disappeared into the town. But it seemed that little Tchaikovsky was trying to find a home for the last kitten in a litter born. Tchaikovsky's mother, named Alexandra, brought music into the family. And soon Tchaikovsky began to write and play music! Alexandra was also his father's (Ilya Petrovich) second wife. But Tchaikovsky still adored and loved Alexandra. In 1843, Alexandra brought Fanny Dürback, a 22 year old French Protestant, into his life. Fanny became a huge influence on Tchaikovsky!
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St. Petersburg, Russia

In St. Petersburg, misery has struck. When it was time for his mother to leave, Tchaikovsky hung onto the moving carriage where his mother was in. He was dragged onto the mud and rocks until the carriage's speed took off and Tchaikovsky sees the carriage fade. Now Tchaikovsky cannot take this moment of horror out of his mind. But while in St. Petersburg, Tchaikovsky did well in school and did make some friends. The school building still exists now as Tchaikovsky Boulevard.
Lang Lang plays Tchaikovsky : Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Opus 23 [HD]

Piano Concerto No. 1

Piano Concerto No.1 is the best known and best loved of Tchaikovsky's works. When he went to Nikolay Rubenstein, a friend of Tchaikovsky, he disliked the music piece very much. Saying that it was uneven and difficult to play. Tchaikovsky was very mad so he went to a pianist and conductor, Hans von Bülow, which he performed the piano piece and it had been extremely popular ever since the first performance.

Other Famous Pieces Written By Tchaikovsky

  • Swan Lake
  • Romeo And Juliet
  • Nutcracker Suite
  • 1812 Overture

Tchaikovsky's Legacy

Tchaikovsky is a very sensitive and soft-hearted person. And even though lots of tragedy struck him, he got up and fought back! From heartbreaks to broken friendships, Tchaikovsky suffered through a lot, but still is appreciated and loved then and now. But while his great living years past, Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky died on November 6, 1893 in St. Petersburg, Russia where he was buried at Tikhvin Cemetery, at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery where he will then be a legend to the world.