"what to expect"

Stone Varnal 6th hour

first trimester

during the first trimester the mothers body, the mother will bloat really bad. her breats will get bigger, the mother will get heartburn and have constipation. During the first trimester your baby changes from a fertilized cell to the embryo that implants itself on the mothers uterine wall. the mother has morning sickness.

Second trimester

during the second trimester of pregnancy, the mother starts to show more of her stomach since the fetus is growing. the fetus has now developed theyre organs, and now they will continue to develop in size and weight the baby has now develpoed theyre fingerprints. they have learned the reflexes.everything is function correctly.

third trimester

during the third trimester of pregnancy, the feetus's body systems finish maturing. thefeetus can now hear and see. the mother's blood pressure starts to go crazy. the mothers abdomen continues to grow, there isnt anymore morning sickness. if the mother is stressed the baby could get asthma. you can hear the babys heart beat now.

how the father can help.

fathers can help support the mother during the pregnancy by finding a job if they dont have one. They should help out with the things around the house. they should help prepare for the baby, like getting everything situated. they should compliment her and let her know how important she is to you because her emotions are going everywhere. make sure shes not stressed.