March Madness

Share the Opportunity and earn new items for free!

Share the opportunity, earn new product and build your business!!

In addition to the Spring 3 promotion that the nest is doing I'd like to reward you further for growing your team!

During the month of March, add a frontline designer to your team and if they also become active ($99 PV) in the month of March I will reward you with 5 charms from the new spring line! If you add 3 frontline designers (all active at $99 PV for the month) to your team for the month of March, I'll also order you 250 business cards from flyers direct! (a $30 value!)

So how do you make this happen??? Start with your Whoo Do You Know list. List out as many people you can think of to share the opportunity with. Don't try and recruit them, just share with them what O2 is all about, and then tell them about the opportunity. Think of who you know who could use a little extra income; Who might need some "grown up" time; Who LOVES jewelry and would be great at it; Whoever you know - sometimes our next rockstar designer is the most unlikely person!

How to Earn your product:

Every time you add a team member and they reach $99 in PV, message me! If you aren't familiar with how to see your new team members and their volume in your back office I'll be happy to show you where to find this info. I'm so excited to help you kick start your teams!