Michael Jackson

The King of Pop


Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana. He first began playing music with his family band, Jackson Brothers, as a backup musician with his brother Marlon, playing the congas and Tambourine. In 1966, Jackson performed lead vocals for the first time and the group's name was changed to the Jackson 5. After this, Jackson began his solo career in 1971. Michael Jackson's highest our of fame came during the 1980's, when he released his album, Thriller, which included songs like Thriller, Beat It, and Billie Jean. These songs and others popularized music videos and some were even credited with breaking racial barriers. Jackson also published the first album to produce 5 Billboard Hot 100 number one songs, Bad. In the Eighties and Nineties, Jackson even popularized dance moves such as the Moonwalk and Robot. Michael Jackson tragically dies on June 25, 2009, during a performance in Los Angeles, California.

Jackson Performing on a World Tour in 1988

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Michael Jackson's Awards

-The only person with two stars in the same category on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

-Won Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

-His song "Thriller" is the most successful music video of all time (Guinness World Records).

-Won 13 normal Grammy awards, with a record 12 nominations in one night.

-Won 26 American Music awards.

-Won 15 World Music awards.

-31 Guinness World Records.

-An estimated total sales of 1 billion units of his music worldwide.

Michael Jackson's Most Famous Song and Music Video, "Thriller."

Michael Jackson - Thriller Music Video

Training, Education, Influenes and Major Roles

-Jackson's education did not affect his music career, as he joined the Jackson Brothers at a young age with no musical education beforehand.

-This time in his family band served as Jackson's training, starting him in a backup role and gradually progressing until he finally got a lead singing role before starting his solo career.

-Michael Jackson's major roles throughout his career include being a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and band member.

-Musicians who influenced Michael Jackson include Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Fred Astaire.

Michael Jackson's Opinion On Music

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Michael Jackson Interesting Facts

-Jackson has multiple cameos in the movie Men In Black II

-Jackson signed a contract with Sony for $250 Million giving them access to unused recordings.

-Jackson's first solo recording to reach the top of the charts was "Ben" in 1972

-Jackson's favorite animated character is Pinocchio.

-Jackson composed music for Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Genesis, but chose not to be shown in the game's credits because he was unhappy with how the Genesis's 16 bit sound chip made his songs sound.