Catching the Wolf of Wall Street

Book Review by Thomas Farr

The Jordan Belfort Book the Movie didn't Cover

Catching the Wolf of Wall Street is the story of Jordan Belfort in his endeavor to make everything right again. Jordan wrote in more "sober" tone (with much less strong language and arrogance) compared to The Wolf of Wall Street, his prequel. It leads straight from the first book into his agony and regret of all the destruction he caused to himself, his family, and to all the people he scammed to make his money. After he cooperated with investigators, took all of his friends down with him, and served about 2 years behind bars, Jordan was able to clean up his act and teach people to handle business without losing their morals.

Characters and Theme

Jordan Belfort was a man fueling off of drugs, prostitution, and money, now reborn as someone waiting to get out of the nightmare that the FBI brought to him nearly as soon as he came into his senses so he can motivate others in his book and in public speaking. Gregory Coleman is the FBI agent that constantly had his nose in Belfort's lifestlye, looking for more dirt to prosecute him. Jordan had to cooperate with him and rat out his friends and lose most of his money and friends, but Jordan had to do what was right for him to get out of this situation. There's a subtle theme in this story about Good vs. Evil. Jordan might be the protagonist while Gregory would be the antagonist, but Jordan was evil himself. The path to becoming good was helped by someone who opposed him but was good at heart.

Why I Recommend this Book

I recommend this book to people who already know the first story told my Belfort, whether it was the movie or the book. The reason is that the reader might expect the rambunctious tone detailing partying and scamming, but will see an outbreak of remorse and a will to change from bad ways


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