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Dear WODatHomers,

Happy February, the month of love. So get ready to fall in love with your work-out! We are thrilled to see a rise in new members! This means so many great things for our website including being able to continue our free daily-updated WODs. Whether you have just joined us, or been a WODatHomer from the beginning, we are confident that you will find wodathome.com a huge asset and motivator for your fitness goals.

Please send us your testimonials (with pictures, if desired) or success stories. We would love to hear how WOD at Home is helping YOU! You can email these to wodathome@gmail.com.

No more excuses! Fall in LOVE with your work-out!

Fall in love with your work-out because of the way it makes you feel. Hopefully you have made some resolutions and goals for this week, month, and year. If you have not had a chance to check us out on Facebook, take a moment to hop over and like our page: facebook.com/WODatHome.

During the month of February, we will be making motivational posts on our WODatHome Facebook page. Here are a few motivation tips to get you going:

  1. Gear up! A new piece of fitness equipment or something to update your work-out attire can be a huge motivator. We love the equipment available from Fringe Sport. Minimus shoes are also a must. Reebok and New Balance both have good options.
  2. Invite! Ask a friend or co-worker over to do the WOD! Having a fitness partner will help you stay motivated and encouraged.
  3. Mix it up! We actually do this FOR you! Our work-outs are varied DAILY, so you don't have to worry about getting into a rut.
  4. Get out! Just 5 minutes of outdoor activity can boost your mood (researchers at the University of Essex in the U.K.). Almost all of our WODs can be completed anywhere, so opt for the fresh air when you can.
  5. "Tune" it up! New music can be a real motivator! We are loving "Girl Talk!" “Loud and aggressive music such as heavy metal or hip hop that is between 120 and 140 beats per minute is the best motivator for strength training,” says Jennifer Cohen, CPT, founder of No Gym Required, and trainer for The CW’s upcoming reality show Shedding For The Wedding.
  6. Write it down! We cannot say this enough: record your time and reps (with the date). Make it a game with yourself. You will be amazed when you look back the next month and can really SEE your improvements! You can also utilize the comment section of our daily WODs and share your times with your WOD at Home community.

Some of our motivation suggestions and tips were inspired by:

Corbett, Holly C. "Feel Good Fitness Strategies." Fitbie. Rodale, Inc. 16 January 2013.

We are here to support you with your goals, diet ideas, modifications of our WODs, or anything else we can help you with on your fitness journey. Please do not hesitate to connect with us through Facebook, email, or the comment section of the daily WOD.


WODathome.com Coaches

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