Media Sources Activity

By Elias Torres/ Seth Thomas

Family Guy

A person will probably learn a lot violence and profanity if they are not mature enough. Some pros that young people can get from this is that the humor is always funny and at the right timing. But the humor is really racist and sexist most of the time. This show is totally the opposite of what parents and education is trying to teach because parents and teachers are telling you not to be racist or a sexist but the show does that all most all the time.


From this show a person will probably engage in acts of violence after watching this. Pros if watching this show is that you could maybe learn to defend yourself or fight when you are being put in danger. Cons if this would that little kids would impersonate the moves that the fighters do and end up hurting themselves. There is not really a message that this show wants to put across, but it can affect certain people in a bad way like make them violent.

Fitness Magazines

People can learn information about how to get healthy, lose weight or build muscle. When people see models and fit people on the cover of magazines, they want to start and workout and eat healthy to look like them. Pros of this is that it can change peoples lives and possibly save them. Cons of this is that most magazines just advertise products from companies that pay them to put their products on the pages. These magazines do promote a healthy lifestyle, but most of the pages are full of products that are being advertise to make you buy them.
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Campaign Advertisments

When a person sees a campaign commercial or advertisements, most people will start to believe what it's saying about that person good or bad. Pros of this is that you can make your opponents look bad which can help you win the elections. Cons of this is the exact opposite your opponent can make you look bad so its really a back and forth battle. These advertisements send the message to people that you should vote for a particular person.
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The Great Debaters

From this movie people can learn to not be racist and that everyone should be treated the same no matter their race. Pros of this movie is that it teaches the viewers the importance of treating everyone equally. Cons of this movie is that it has a lot violence that shows what African Americans had to go through during and after slavery. This movie promotes what parents and teachers are trying to teach that everyone is the same and that discrimination is bad.
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