News Ninjas

Intro Edition

News Ninjas Strike At St. Mark's

News Ninjas' mission is to spread news and about events throughout the classes. Natalie is the reporter.Also she will go around the classes and get info about events and what we are learning about. Madeline is the designer and will make the newspapers and design them. Audrey is the group manger and notetaker. She is the CEO when Raegan is not here.


By Audrey and Natalie

Word Search

Find as many words as you can! You can go to to print some out. Hope you have fun with it!!
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We are SUPER excited for summer! Aen't you? Comment in the box below to leave comments about what you are doing this summer!! We will post the best comments in the Summer Issue! Hope you have a great summer!! :) :)

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News Ninjas Located at St. Mark's

If you want to contact the News Ninjas, please go to our CEO, Raegan. She is in Mrs. Orlicek's advisory. Talk to her if you want to be in the next issue of News Ninjas!

Thank You To Mrs. Davis and Mr. Carroll!!!

These teachers really helped us to get were we are now! they helped us through the hard spots and really gave good advice! We just want students to know how much we worked on this project and how much they helped us!!!

Thank You,

Raegan, Audrey, Natalie, and Madeline