How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

How High Can You Jump ?

What Is A Vertical Jump?

A Vertical Jump or leap is when you raise your center of gravity higher in the vertical plane with the use of your own muscles. It is a measure of how high an individual can jump from a standstill position.

What Parts Of Your Body Help You Jump Higher ?

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What exercises help increase your vertical ?

Squats help your all parts of your legs and they boost your muscle strength. Squats help your endurance and stamina . Bicycling motion and biking help help your leg muscles and also increase your endurance.

Can diet effect your vertical jump ?

Having a fast and strong jump results in having firm muscles that give you powerful jumps. Fat is heavy and weighs you down instead of increasing your vertical jump or any ability of that matter. Low fat meats , fruits , vegetables , and salads are healthy foods that decrease your body fat and improve your health.
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What was the highest vertical jump in history ?

The highest vertical jump is currently held by Kadour Ziani. He is a professional dunker with slam nation. His vertical jump is listed at 60 inches
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