Marco Polo

The Famous Explorer

Background Info

Marco Polo grew up in Venice. His father was not around when he was born, so he was left with mother. But she soon died, which left him to be raised by his aunt, who taught him how to read and write. Also, his family business was being merchants and traders. because of this, his aunt also taught how to judge products and about foreign currencies.

Achievements and Discoveries

Marco Polo's main achievement was his trip down the Silk Road with his father, where he traded and collected jewels, silk, and ivory. He also discovered that the Chinese goods were much better than the European's. Because of this, he spread China's creativity in the use of coal, money, and compasses.
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Impact on the world

When Marco found out about the quality of the Chinese goods, he went back to tell the Europeans.When the Europeans found out about this, they started to import the goods from China to Europe. This then started a fight with Turkey because their route to China went through their Country. Also, the Europeans took these ideas with them when they traveled.
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