The French Period 1643-1744

History !

During the french period feminie appeal became a mayjor characteristic. Arrangments were asymetrical using c- crescent or the S shape . they used simple lines in triangles shapes and strong colur contract . Symmetrical designs with no focal point. Floral designs were informal, fragile, and delicate.

Flowers Used During This Time Period

Roses were very popular along with all the spring bulb flowers—lilacs, lilies.

Also Containers used include the following: vases, urns, and flasks, were very ornate and made of porcelain, metal, or glass. Shell and leaf-shaped dishes and baskets or bowls were also characteristic of this period.

Beautiful Flowers

French Period

Little More Information

There were four period of floral design in French History. During the Baroque period, refinement, elegance, and femininity were stressed. In the design, there was no focal point and the largest flowers were typically placed on the outside edges of the arrangement. Topiary trees also gain popularity during this time.

The feminine design carried over into the French Rococo period. Rococo, meaning ‘graceful arc that forms line’, was an appropriate name for the period when asymmetrical, curvilinear C- shaped designs were formed.

In the Louis XVI period, cool colors were created and highlighted with gold. The designs of this period were more conservative than the previous periods.

Masculine designs dominated the Empire period. Militaristic designs replaced the formality and femininity of the previous eras and often arrangements displayed, such as a bee or the letter N.