By laurie halse anderson


Speak is about a girl who did something over the summer and now all of her old friends hate her. She is forced to find a new friend and live a normal life. Her new is hanging out with her old friends. She stole some hall passes and hid out in a old janitor closet. For Christmas her parents bought her a sketchbook to draw and she sat their and had a flashback. Her parents never knew what happened during the summer. she finally told everyone what really happened and she made friends and felt better and stop skipping classes.


Melinda Sordino thinks that she is a outcast. She is very sad and depressed. Her family doesn't know why because she didn't tell them anything. She doesn't enjoy physical active and she rather go home then go over a friends house.

Conflict and resolution

The conflict was the girl having no friends. For the resolution she finally told everyone what really happened and everyone started to like her


I think the theme is don't be mean to someone if you don't know the true story

Textual Evidence

"you have to know what you stand for, not just what you stand against"

i like this quote because if you are going to stand against something you better know the the full story or what it is for

Book review

I will give this book a 5. i think it deserves a 5 because she tells the whole story not part of it and really gets in depth with the charter