Perseverance Newsletter

In life there we travel a road on that road with many ups and downs. It can be difficult to adhere to your adversities. But when we Persevere we can sucseed anything. Perseverance is the act of never quitting of giving in.

Winston Churchill Description

Winston Churchill was a skillful and determined historical figure. He was born in Great Britain in November of 1874 . He had a very rough childhood because his parents were never there for him. He was raised by his nanny but then she then died in 1895. He was transported to a boarding school when he was only eight years old. Throughout his life showed bravery, leadership, and intelligence. For example, He showed bravery and intelligence in South Africa during a war where he was shot at and taken captive. This takes both bravery and intelligence because he went to a country knowing the consequences of traveling there. He also had to come up with a plan in order to escape. Leadership was shown when he went to work on his first leave. Instead of relaxing or taking the day off, Churchill traveled to Cuba in order to know what to expect in battle. This shows that Churchill did his homework and was always ready to learn. He is best known as a leader, being that British and their allies relied on him during WWII. The speeches he gave inspired millions and gave them hope for winning the war. Winston Churchill once said, in the speech, “Never give in Never, Never, Never We were poorly armed. We are not so poorly armed today”. From this quote, we know that although the British did not succeed in every battle, they still had made an effort both mentally and physically to succeed. Winston Churchill was a man of perseverance and led the British through many adversities to succeed in winning the war.

Compare/Contrast Text Structure

This is InfoGraph about a video called "Carry On". This video is about two Men named Leroy and Dartanyon both have disabilities. They soon find resilience in each other and become combative with their future.

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Losing To Win Problem/Solution

Losing To Win is a video about Carol Academy that runs a basketball team for girls with adversities. Most of these girls were raised in a poor environment. The purpose of this basketball team was so these girls wouldn’t just come together as teammates, but as a family.The main difficulty in this story was the poor environment they were raised in. Most of them being that their parents had many problems including drug and alcohol addictions. This means that it wasn’t always the child's fault for being in this situation. However, there is a school that supports these types of adversities, this school is like any school except that they are required to play basketball. Although it may not seem like the best solution, its purpose is not for the physical exercise. The goal is to bring them together so they know that they're not alone in this situation. This is put into play when the coaches give them a second chance in their life by putting them on this basketball team where as their parents who gave up on them at such a young age. Just because something is broken doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.

Jackie Robinson Cause and Effect

When Jackie Robinson Joined The Noble Experiment and got a chance to join the Major League Dodgers with Branch Rickey. He Impacted a whole new crowd for the good and the bad. As a result Jackie faced major rejection including lots of abuse. People called him offensive insults and names, they not only mentally abused him but would throw bean balls slide into his shins. Not only did the fans and the opposing team dislike him, but his own teammates as well

On the bright side he also Inspired millions of African Americans.

Although Jackie will not know the impact he made on Baseball and society itself.

Elenor Rosavelt Sequence

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