"Together we can make a difference."

Who holds power?

We the people holds the power in our hands, by electing leaders through an competive process.

Characteristic one

Rule of law: meaning law is supreme and every citcens are equal in ones eyes view

Characterstics Two

Independent Judiciary: ndependence of Judiciary is an essential characteristic of democracy. Judiciary must be free from any control of the executive or the legislature. Judges must be honest and should deliver justice impartially.


We choose what we want/need.

Power to the people.




-arguments over elections

-civil liberties

Democratic Country:United states of America

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Power to the people

Best Government?

Yes it is, We don't control anything, we give the people what they want.We don't tell them what they can and can't do. We give them power and freedom.

Will it stabilize Iraq?

They will get what they want and need to have peace which will calm everything down.