Findley Oaks Media Center


Print and eBook Check Out

The Media Center maintains an open-door check out policy in which students may visit to browse and select new books anytime between 7:20 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Students are encouraged to thoughtfully explore the thousands of print books offered in the media center and make selections based on their personal interests. In support of the classroom learning goals, they are directed to include a mix of both fiction and nonfiction.

Print Book Checkout Limits

PreK and Kindergarten: 1 Book

1st through 5th Grades: 3 Books

In addition to print books, students may check out 2 eBooks at a time via Mackin VIA.


All classes visit the Media Center regularly for information literacy lessons and projects connected to grade-level standards and designed to support current instructional units. Additional instruction is provided through online tutorials and companion activties prepared by Mrs. Rubin and carried out by teachers in individual classrooms. Check out our slide on our home page to see students in action in the media center. Details of specific lessons and projects, as well as tutorials and companion activities, can be found under the "Instruction" page of our Web site--direct link provided below.