4 Important Degrees

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Bachelor Degree~ A Bachelor Degree is a four year college or university that requires at least 120 hours. This Degree will cost at least $21,000 or $40,000. Two jobs that would require a Bachelors Degree is Petroleum Engineer and Aerospace Engineer.

Master Degree~A Master Degree is a academic achievement that is a two year program and at least 60 hours of this program. This degree will cost $400,000. You would have to work as a Executive Director and Program Specialist

Doctorate Degree~ A Doctorate Degree is a college or university that requires at least 3 years and 64 credits. You will need to be a Biostatician & Chiropractor.

Associate Degree~A Associate Degree is a degree that requires a junior colleges and at least 60 hours and for two years. This degree will cost $8,000. A Doctorate Degree will require two jobs such as Engineering technology& Radiation technology and medical imaging.