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Mrs. Struve's Third Grade Classroom

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It is hard to believe the end of the year is NEXT WEEK! It really did sneak up on us this year. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to each of you for all you have done to support your child's learning, and our classroom. Your guidance, encouragement, and communication not only greatly impact your child's learning, but creates a strong classroom community that values learning and each other. I have been truly blessed to share this time with your child, and it has been amazing to watch them grow as scholars and citizens, and take risks to go outside their comfort zone. I am excited to continue to work together with you and your children, and cannot wait to see what they do!

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End of the Year Activities

The end of the year is exciting, yet bittersweet. Students have formed a strong relationship over the year, getting to know each other's strengths and interests, and being there to support each other to meet their goals. Summer is definitely on the mind in our classroom, but I can also tell they will greatly miss their friends and school too. Students have worked hard and taken learning very seriously throughout the year, therefor we take many opportunities this last week to reflect on our learning, set future goals, and CELEBRATE their accomplishments. Students will bring home their portfolio binders on Thursday, which will have their end of year reflections and work from their "wall of fame". Please take a moment to conference with your child and celebrate their great success!
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Important Information


  • We will be celebrating our last classroom party! Students may bring electronics with parent permission, and a stuffed animal. We will have game time both inside and outside of the classroom!


  • ALL 30 BOOK CHALLENGE CARDS ARE DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Last Homework Club Lunch


  • 30 Book Challenge Celebration at Recess/Lunch


  • Letter regarding next year's classroom placement is due.
  • Students will share Regions of the United States Posters
  • PLEASE SEND A BAG FOR SUPPLIES TO SCHOOL! Students will bring home their scholarly portfolio binders today with materials from school.

FRIDAY: (Lunch WILL be served. Dismissal is at 12:45.)

  • End of Year Assembly for School
  • Classroom Recognition Celebration and Reflection Activities

Marvelous Math

We recently finished our unit on geometry and have officially completed all 3rd Grade Common Core Standards for Math. This week we will take the opportunity to engage in some review of key skills needed for 4th grade, and complete some enrichment activities. I have included a link below to 4th grade standards and skills for 4th grade. I encourage students to continue to practice their flash cards over the summer, as memorization of multiplication and division facts are vital for deepening their understanding of fractions and decimals in 4th grade.

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ELA: End of Year Wrap Up and Summer Reading

This past module we have investigated the deeper meaning of text by identifying the "central message". Students practiced opinion writing by identifying a story which they believed had a stronger central message. We will wrap up this year's ELA with further practice in identifying the main idea of informational text and writing a news report on a natural disaster. I have included a link to next year's standards in case you are interested in what is coming up in 4th grade.

I encourage students to continue to read over the summer, and take advantage of the summer reading program at the Oswego Library and LRC days at Prairie Point. I also LOVE to hear from students about what they are reading over the summer, and welcome emails from them! I will provide students with a packet of "30 Book Challenge Cards" for a summer challenge. Students who turn in 10 books that they read over the summer will receive a special surprise when they return to school! (Larger chapter books count for 2 or 3- I will let you use your best judgement as parents.)

Scholars as Historians: Regions of the United States

Students have wrapped up their activities learning about the events leading up to Illinois becoming a state, and the beginning of the westward movement. This week we will take some computer time to research the regions of the United States and what makes them unique! This year's scholars have LOVED RESEARCH, so I wanted to give them one more opportunity to showcase their skills and work together with their peers.

Scholars as Scientists: Magnets and Electricity

We have finished our experiments with magnets and are now exploring electrical circuits. We will wrap up our unit this week, creating circuits, drawing circuits, and making connections between magnets and electricity! Students will bring home their science notebooks at the end of the week.