Civil Case

The process

Before tht Trial

Planiff decides to sue. (Person being sued is the defendant). The paniff hires an attourney and the attourney files a complaint. The court summons the defendant to court. The Defendant then sends a response. A Pretial Conference is called by the judge. If the suit is weak it may be dropped. The case is now ready for trial.

During The Case

Case is heard by either a jury of 6 to 12 people or a judge. Plainiff presents side first. Then the defendant presents his/her case . Then both sides summarize thier cases. Planiff must move prove case with "a prepondrance of evidence" enough to persuade the judge or jury that the def is responsible for the damages.

Who Win The Case

The Results

If the Defendant wins, the plainiff recieves nothing and must pay court cost. The Planiff may appeal to the higher court if dissatisied with judge verdict. If the Planiff wins a remedy is set-pay compensation, replacelost earnings ect.