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Adding Videos to Google Apps


About this time of year, there seems to be a lot of projects and presentations being assigned. The "go-to" Google App for this is Slides. However, students are becoming increasingly creative with their presentations, embedding pictures, screenshots, and even the occasional video. However, there are a few ways to embed a video, YouTube or otherwise, into a Slides presentation. Additionally, a new update to Slides now allows you to easily embed non-YouTube videos.

Basic Video Embedding

If your student would like to insert a YouTube video, the simplest way to do that is to navigate to the "Insert" tab at the top of the page. A menu like the one in the image will appear. From there, the option is presented to insert a video from YouTube. A student can either paste a YouTube URL in the box, or type a subject and do a simple search that way. Once the video has been found and selected, inserting it into the presentation is a click away. The resulting video is a professional look and the video will play directly in the Slides presentation.

The Video Tag

Sometimes, a video can be difficult to search for in YouTube. For example, students may have found it in a Google search, or it just may have a title similar to several other videos available on YouTube. The easiest way to search for and embed a video through the search is by finding the video tag. This is the unique set of numbers and letters assigned to each and every YouTube video. For instance, in the YouTube video URL, everything after the equal sign is the video tag. The image offers a visual representation of a video tag. Please note that if you're typing the tag, it is case sensitive, so be sure to copy it exactly to ensure you're using the desired YouTube video.

Embedding a Non-YouTube Video

Every now and then, Google surprises us with an update to something that makes you wonder how you survived before the update was applied. The most recent example is a Google Slides update that allows you to embed a video that isn't a YouTube video. This action is completed with the same ease and flexibility as a YouTube video. If you find a video you wish to insert, upload it into your Google Drive. Then, when you go to insert the video, you will notice there is now an option for a "Google Drive" file. But, once inserted, you have a few additional options available.

Benefits of Inserting a non-YouTube video

In addition to having this awesome feature unlocked, there are a few options that you have with the inserted video that you don't automatically have regularly. Once the video has been added to the presentation, you have the option to select the starting and endpoints of the video, which is a terrific option! Additionally, you can decide whether the video will auto-play when the presentation is being presented. Finally, you can choose to have the video played with sound or muted. These are some extremely user-friendly options to transform your video embedding process, courtesy of YouTube and Google Slides.

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