By Samantha.trainer


The tower caught fire in 1835 and it was half gone then they started working on Big Ben Ben in 1858. The London clock in important because it symbolizes the city of London and democracy. In this essay, the London clocks history, meaning,and the landmark today will be discussed.

The history of Big Ben

Big Ben was very important because of its history.The clock tower of Westminster is officially named Saint Stephens tower.Built by the company E.J. Dent& co., it was completed in 1854.The fire inspired the architect to make the Big Ben.


Big Ben is important because of its history.They turn off the lights so they wouldn't get boomed.Big Ben was the powerful nation on earth.The great bell was be comaupit synonyms not only with the city of London but with the now see of panliment and the domoratic

Big Ben today

To This day Big Ben is still important.The clock tower looks spectacular at night when four clock face are illuminated.big Ben one of the biggest attidon in 2008 it had its 150th birthday party.


Big Ben it still important today because it symbolizes the city of London and democracy. Big bens history,meaning.and what's it like today it a amazing place to go see when I go to London my first stop well be Big Ben.