The Weapon Act

America's way

Since 1787 the weapon system in the constitution hasn't changed very much. In a lot of states every grown up American still has the right to have a gun, according to the system to "defend their homes". The American people say a gun makes them feel save, but the more weapons there are in the country, the less safe they feel!

Compared to 5 years ago, the number of shootings has tripled. Only last year there were at least 27 shooting incidents near a school and 16 incidents that fell under the category mass murder. According to the FBI you can talk about a mass murder if there are more than 4 people who were killed.

Last month New York decided to adjust the law, so Americans won't be allowed anymore to have a semi-automatic weapon. Unfortunately, New York is one of the only states with this adjustment. I think this arrangement should applied all over America, just to be able to save the younger generation.

Because not everyone can handle a gun.

Eline Meers 5WEWIc