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Digitalization technologies allow the conversion of readable materials into a variety of eBook formats, so that they can be accessed through various platforms including apps. It is imperative to select a good digitalization company who has detailed information about the know-hows of a wide range of platforms such as iBooks, iBooks Author, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Kobo, Tolino, Sony Reader, Readium, and other devices.

Advantages of eBook and Digitalization

Digital publishing has enormously changed the printing business and has numerous advantages.

Firstly, Books, Journals and Magazines are available online and this breaks the geographical and physical barriers. Readers all over the world can access these books through Internet channels such as Online Readers, Online Libraries and Mobile Apps.

Secondly, eBooks are enhanced with Videos, Audios, Interactivity, Annotations, Cross-References, Animations and Links to web pages. These enhancements enable the readers to read and compare contents with other related materials and enrich the reading experience.

Thirdly, digital materials, unlike printed books do not age or get torn with time and can be altered at any given point of time. These materials are clear, legible and high in quality. In addition, Journal digitalizing services avail the latest peer reviewed research materials to a global audience.

Pacific Versatile PreMedia Services

Pacific Versatile PreMedia is a leading service and solution providing company for publishing industry. This company has invested heavily on the provision of high quality eBooks, Books, Journals, Magazines and other contents. The company is headquartered in Pune, India with national and international reach. They are specialized in Digital Publishing, Typesetting services, Data Conversion and Web Development areas along with support services. Ever since its inception; the company has grown tremendously due to provision of customer focused product, solutions and services. The vision of the company is to satisfy the customer with quality print-ready books and eBooks, on time. As enshrined in the mission statement, the company seeks to increase the global intellectual capacity through digitalization of books and other materials.

The company provides latest technology in digitalization that allows conversion of Books, Journals and other materials to soft copy that are readable online and highly qualified and experienced professionals who claim to have their expertise in transforming print materials to digitalized formats are on board.