animal treatment

zuriel palacios


Some animals are in danger. They should be in the wild but humans trap the animals and separate from there family an sap aren't of there habitat that they should be.People don't know how the animals feel when they get hit . Some animals are forced to do tricks that they don't like to do because they could be hurt.The humans think that their fun but really they don't have any fun doing that tricks they get very hurt because they trip they burn that is not fair because they sore and we just see them suffer doing that joreboul tricks that is sad

save animals

According to peta they say that one day they they found a little elephant that got stock on a well and the villagers help the little elephant they said that they took good care of her they have her food and fond her tribe of elephants that means that they found his family of elephants.

According to do something its aids that some people help wild animals that locked in cages. They Are very good people some people get money buy getting animals out the cages thats good because so they could go to freedom and have a great life so they could life with a better life.