Dreiling Nation


We just had our BEST MONTH EVER by a LONG SHOT in volume AND sponsoring! That is HUGE! That means that so many of you also had your best month ever! For those of you at the Denver Impact, you heard me say, "Consistency builds momentum and momentum builds on itself." You all are building HUGE momentum!

There couldn't be a better time to dig your heels in and go after it! Fall and winter create more AREAS, REGIONS, and NATIONS than any other time of the year! And I KNOW without a doubt that we will DOUBLE if not TRIPLE our VP team before the end of the year!! I believe that ANY OF YOU can make it happen.....but do YOU believe it??

Ok, recognition is off the hook! Check out all these new DMs and DMs in Qual! You all know this...if you can go District, you can go NATION! So all you DMs in Qual, your goal THIS MONTH is to promote and give yourself that 8% pay raise! FIVE people 1/2 WAY TO REGION...and TWO AMs in QUAL! THAT'S NUTS!!


August Recognition - Effective Sept 1st

District Managers in Qual

Natalie Lennon (CA) in Julie Aguirre's District

Ingrid Stolmack in Mary Pugh's District

Ashley Novander (FL) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Dione Benson in Sue Bertram's District

Brian Claxton in Mary Pugh's District

Maya Fieweger i Lisa Meiring's District

Kelly Turk in Lindsey Pfenninger's District

Alex Reed in Lindsey Pfenninger's District

Leiloni Shine in Arielle Ewell's District

Careyann Myers (WI) in Kristen Cooper Borkenhagan's District

Demetria Martinez in Heather Bielak's District

Desirea Perea in Heather Bielak's District

Amanda Maul in Heather Bielak's District

Amanda Christopher in Gwyneth Spinden's District

Ashleigh Moody in Gwyneth Spinden's District

Mady Isler in Amanda Sisneros's District

Arynn Thorp in Nina Sloan's District

Ginny Reece in Trisha Dreiling's District

Jen Edewaard in Trisha Dreiling's District

India Newkirk (IN) in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Katie Fix in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Jenny Nelson in Amber Kavan's District

Sarah Freeman in Tania Diller's District

Brittany Rosenthal in Tania Diller's District

Jerilyn Suster in Tania Diller's District

Janelle Borchard in Holly Houseworth's District

Dana Hamilton in Kim Tokarski's District

LeAnda Stafford in Kim Tokarski's District

Sophie Stone in Dylan Miller's District

Rasha Tejada in Janel Shackelford's District

Silje Bennett (WY) in Jenn Mitchell's District

Erica Mueller in Jenn Mitchell's District

Moriah Hager (WY) in Jenn Mitchell's District

Caitlin Nollen (WY) in Jenn Mitchell's District

Crystal McFadden (WY) in Colleen Reese's District

New District Managers (8% pay raise!)

Kirsten Ebey in Lisa Meiring's District

Jackie Tennant (CA) in Maggie Meyer's District

Brooke Ware (AR) in Megan Berry's District (1st month!)

Emily Reddy (WI) in Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen's District (1st month!)

McKenna Smith (OK) in Trisha Dreiling's District

Sami Starkey (WY) in Chrisanna Lund's District

Kristi Coulthard (WY) in Jenn Mitchell's District

Alexis Owen in Holly Houseworth's District

Area Manager in Qual

Lisa Clore in Megan Berry's Area

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen (WI) in Maggie Meyer's Are

1/2 Way to REGION

Megan Berry

Maggie Meyer (CA)

Gwyneth Spinden

Jenn Mitchell (WY)

McKenzie Cartwright

1/2 Way to NATION

Liz Hutchinson

DM Bonus Earners (extra $200 on top of your paycheck)

Megan Berry

Mary Pugh (1st month as DM!)

Lisa Meiring

Kelly Fullerton

Maggie Meyer

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen

Lindsey Pfenninger (1st time!)

Heather Bielak

Gwyneth Spinden

Trisha Dreiling

Chrisanna Lund

Jenn Mitchell

Holly Houseworth

AM Bonus Earners (extra $400 on top of your paycheck)

Megan Berry

Maggie Meyer

Trisha Dreiling

Holly Houseworth

RVP Bonus Earners (extra $600 on top of your paycheck)

Liz Hutchinson

Trisha Dreiling

TRIFECTA Bonus Earners (extra $1200 on top of your paycheck)

Trisha Dreiling


Top Sales and Sponsoring Achievers

Top Region Sales

Liz Hutchinson - $79,151

Top Region Sponsoring

Liz Hutchinson - 93

Top Area Sales (Top 10 over $10K)

Trisha Dreiling - $38,421

Megan Berry - $23,843

Holly Houseworth - $22,466

Maggie Meyer - $21,210

Liz Hutchinson - $18,679

Lisa Meiring - $15,419

Jenn Mitchell - $11,936

Heather Bielak - $11,522

Janel Shackelford - $11,492

Top Area Sponsoring (Top 10 over 10)

Lisa Meiring - 32

Holly Houseworth - 27

Megan Berry - 27

Maggie Meyer - 21

Jenn Mitchell - 19

Heather Bielak - 18

Trisha Dreiling - 16

Gwyneth Spinden - 13

Janel Shackelford - 13

Liz Hutchinson - 13

Top District Sales (Top 10 over $5k)

Trisha Dreiling - $18,773

Maggie Meyer - $13,764

Jenn Mitchell - $10,420

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen - $10,001

Heather Bielak - $9,941

Megan Berry - $9,393

Gwyneth Spinden - $9,284

Holly Houseworth - $8,500

Tania Diller - $7,532

Chrisanna Lund - $6,612

Top District Sponsoring (Top 10 over 5)

Jenn Mitchell - 17

Heather Bielak - 15

Megan Berry - 14

Lisa Meiring - 14

Gwyneth Spinden - 13

Maggie Meyer - 12

Holly Houseworth - 11

Chrisanna Lund - 10

Lindsey Pfenninger - 9

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen - 9

Incentives & Challenges


"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little EXTRA"

I encourage you all to give that little EXTRA these last few months of 2015 and see where it'll take you! How will your 2015 end? This business works in 90 day NOW begins your 90 day cycle to get the results you desire by the end of the year!

I believe in you and love you all!

xo, Trisha

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