Service learning project

By: Jordan, Emmaline, Hannah, Ivan, and Momo


My group and I planned the events and services we are going to do for the service project. We decided that we would help sandy lake rehabilitation and care center by donating homemade pastries and cards. We called the center and confirmed if it was ok to bring our donations. We decided that we would bring the supplies for the cards on Wednesday and get to work. Once we are done with the cards we will work on the parties outside of school. We will make cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. We also agreed to meet at the center on Sunday at 12.


My group and I started makeing the cards with a wide variety of supplies that Jordan brought. The supplies consist of red fuzz balls, red and green Pom-poms, red and green bells and 3D stickers. So far we have made 10 out of 20 cards we are going it donate.


On Thursday our group continued to create cards for the elderly . This day we got a lot of cards done, and our photographer Momo took pictures of us working hard. We also discussed who was going to made the deserts and what type of deserts.
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On Friday we finished putting last touches on our Christmas cards, and made our Twitter look more presentable. We followed other twitter accounts similar to ours and tweeted about what we're doing that day. We also made our deserts for Sunday at the Rehabilitation Care center. Emmaline made brownies, and Jordan brought cookies.
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On Monday we reflected what we did on Sunday. On Sunday we went to the Sandy Lake Rehabilitation Care center. There, the elderly go to rehab, and some of them live there. When we arrived people were so kind and thankful that we were there. When we met the elderly and gave them their deserts and they were so happy. They were also happy to receive the Christmas cards we made for them. Whenever we were done with our survice project we talked about how great it felt to give instead recieve.


On Tuesday we perfected our project, and decided who was going to speak about what for our presentation tomorrow. Every person is going to talk about a day that we worked on our service learning project. We also tweeted the link to this blog.